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Grow your apartment communities with sustainable gardening

Alfrea is an online platform that connects apartment communities with land and services to grow their own food. We work directly with apartment management companies and owners to design and implement garden spaces in order to differentiate their communities. With the national rental vacancy at 7%, apartment communities are forced to compete with unique and creative amenities to attract and retain residents, and Alfrea can help with that. Sustainability and local food are hot ticket items right now. According to a 2014 study by Sustainable Brands, 77% of Americans say that sustainability is an important factor in food decisions and 93% say heath and nutrition is important. Why not attract those populations to your community, while helping to build a more sustainable food economy?

Alfrea is a turnkey, cost-effective and powerful addition to any apartment amenity package that helps to foster a sense of community among residents. Whether your community has land onsite that you’d like to designate for a garden, or you need us to scout for nearby land, we can assist you throughout the process. Alfrea will handle the research, space planning, land assessment, implementation oversight, marketing, training, and ongoing support.

Additionally, Alfrea can offer apartment communities

  • Full access to its online portal: each community has a unique landing page, allowing you to track metrics on resident usage, sales, and purchases
  • Simple implementation: we will handle the project management, site design and support, and organization of on-site mobile farmer's markets
  • Marketing, including: apartment advertisement banners, messaging to residents, and flyers about upcoming garden events
  • Support throughout the process: on-call assistance to answer questions that residents may have
  • Ongoing trainings: our in-house farmer can tailor trainings to the needs and desires of your specific communities to ensure their success

Why does Alfrea make sense for your apartment complex?

  • Access to quality outdoor space can add 25-50% to the cost of rent
  • 92% of residents reported wanting a balcony or outdoor space
  • Community-based perks and energized public places have been shown to attract and retain millennial renters
  • Fostering a sense of community among residents has been shown to entice new renters, increase overall satisfaction and loyalty of residents, and reduce disputes, creating a more appealing environment
  • The use of community gardens has increased by 200% since 2008 and continues to gain popularity

For copies of the research reports mentioned here, pricing information and questions, give us a call at 866-343-4662!