Apartment Community Garden Amenity

Grow your apartment communities with sustainable gardening

Aparment Community Food Garden

A Community Garden Amenity

You Can Win the Amenity War

Forget location, location, location. For apartment managers like you, there’s a new battle cry: amenities, amenities, amenities. New residents demand them—and you feel the pressure to deliver them. And if you can’t—you’ll feel the pressure of filling vacant units. Alfrea has a solution. Let us help you reduce vacancies and retain renters with the amenity residents prefer—a community garden.

Residents Want Locally Grown Food

The demand to grow local, sustainable foods has led to a 200% increase in community gardens since 2008. One in three homeowners with access to a yard or land grows a portion of their own food. And apartment residents want the same opportunity.

Why not attract new residents to your community, while supporting a sustainable food economy, by offering a place to grow healthy, organic vegetables and herbs?

Residents Want Community

A community garden becomes a natural “third place” as residents maintain their plot, talk about gardening tips, and celebrate their success. Sharing food from the excess in the garden builds a network of like-minded people. “I wouldn’t have a community here if it weren’t for the gardens,” says Fay Coxen, “gardener-in-residence” at Signature Apartments.

You Want Residents

“I think a community garden is a no-brainer because it’s such a point of attraction for the people coming to live here,” says Zaro Bates, “farmer-in-resident” at Urby Staten Island Apartments. “We’ve had 20 or 30 people tell us they moved here because of the farm and that is awesome feedback.”

A Community Garden Amenity:

  • Entices new renters
  • Increases overall satisfaction
  • Improves resident retention
  • Develops resident loyalty
  • Fosters a sense of community
  • Reduces disputes
  • Creates a more appealing environment

Community Garden Amenities Are Good for Business

  • Access to quality outdoor space can increase rent values by 25-50%
  • 92% of residents report a desire for balcony or outdoor space
  • Community gardens improve property value
  • Community-based perks and energized public places attract and retain millennial renters

We’ll build it.

We’ll market it.

We’ll maintain it.

We’ll educate your residents so they are successful.

We Are Your Solution

Alfrea offers a turnkey, cost-effective, powerful solution for a community garden amenity package. Whether your community has land onsite to designate for a garden, or you need us to scout for nearby land, Alfrea helps make it possible. We’ll handle the research, space planning, land assessment, implementation oversight, marketing, training, and ongoing support.

We’ll Do the Work

With Alfrea, you’ll have the benefits of a community garden without the extra work. We can:

  • Design and build your garden
  • Maintain the garden
  • Market the garden, workshops and events to residents
  • Facilitate gardening workshops
  • Organize an on-site mobile farmers market
  • Provide on-call assistance to answer residents’ questions

This online market provides a distinct advantage for apartment managers like you. Through a unique landing page, you’ll have full access to our online portal so you can track metrics on resident usage, sales, and purchases.

We’ll Give You (Measurable) Results

Alfrea’s mission is to make local, sustainably grown food available to more people. We do this through an online (virtual) farmers market where local “growers,” just like your residents, share, sell, donate, and exchange the food they grow.

Start Reaping the Benefits of a Community Garden Amenity

Contact us today at to get started: 866-343-4662 or apartment-amenity@alfrea.com

Are you a renter looking for a community garden amenity? Tell your apartment manager or property management company about Alfrea!