Corporate Employee Benefit

gardening employee benefit

People want to eat fresh tasty food, but today its not always easy, until now.

Alfrea, provides access to land to grow food, experts to guide employees and farm hands to help when employees don't have enough time. We help employees succeed in growing and eating fresh sustainable food.

Studies prove cognitive function, employee performance, health and happiness are all improved by eating more fruits and vegetables. And yet 77% of U.S. workers consume inadequate levels of fruits and vegetables, costing employers in medical costs and productivity.

Common barriers limiting fruit and vegetable consumption include external factors, such as availability (49 percent), convenience (42 percent), and time (33 percent).

Alfrea aims to solve these problems for your employees. Alfrea is an online platform that empowers people to grow, buy, sell, or share local food. It is the holistic hub that unites an otherwise fragmented marketplace and grants your employees the opportunity to access land to grow food, labor and experts to succeed in growing and it also provides an online marketplace for local fresh foods.

Accounts take less than 5 minutes to set up, and offerings can be purchased with the click of a button.

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